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African-American Unschool Teens
African-American Teens who unschool/homeschool: Come hear how others live exciting, creative lives outside of traditional schooling.
Teen Homeschoolers of Raleigh
A secular group, Teen Homeschoolers of Raleigh (THOR) is an informal and relaxed network of families homeschooling older children, ages 10 and up, with a special emphasis on teens. Offers activities such as laser tag, movie outings, dances and parties, and weekly gatherings for all such as game days, climbing wall, lunch outings, ice skating, etc. They also have Mom's Nights, holiday parties for the whole family, and more.
Unschooling Gamers
This group is for unschooling gamers to connect and chat and share tips and tricks and otherwise meet and have fun! The main focus of this group is video games, but on-line game chat is also welcome (like Neopets or Subeta or Runescape).

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FuseFly is a social network connecting homeschoolers around the world. This innovative site gives homeschoolers the opportunity to socialize with other homeschoolers, while offering a secure environment for teens age thirteen and up and areas for both students and parents.

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